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I have a healthy dog who is 8 years old. She recently went to the hospital for bloody stool, diarrhea, and excessive dry heaving. Similar symptoms to a blockage in her intestines.. it was very scary as she is normally a very healthy happy pup. Thank goodness- there were no serious issues. She had a bunch of tests ran and the vet bill was approximately $1000.00. The claim was denied because my dog had gone to the vet for throwing up and having diarrhea in the past (not to mention she wasn't throwing up- she was excessively dry heaving this time). EMBRACE claims that having diarrhea is a preexisting condition-- I disagree- it is a symptom of being ill which is why you take your dog to the vet. She was given an actual diagnosis of Acute Gastroenteristis. She was given a clean bill of health from all blood tests and x-rays. Yet- they will not reimburse. I am dropping the insurance and completely disappointed in the experience. It feels very fraudulent. I warn anyone who thinks dog insurance is a good idea- it is not. They take your money and give you nothing.

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Mixed Breed Small (10-20 Lbs)

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Posted: 04/02/2021

Hello Danielle,

Sorry to hear your experience hasn't been a great one. Some folks can find the pre-existing exclusion a bit confusing. We try to alleviate this when the policy starts why sending onboarding emails explaining that a sign or symptom of an illness is also considered pre-existing until the pet has been symptom free for 12 consecutive months. This allows us to see that the symptom didn't turn into an illness we should be aware of. In the acknowledgements prior to entering payment information, pre-existing is also defined as follows: "A preexisting condition is anything that is symptomatic or diagnosed prior to the purchase of the policy, and through the end of the waiting periods, even if no treatment was given at the time."

I hope this helps clarify, although I know it may not take the frustration away.