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I have a 7 year old Bagle(basset/beagle mix) and a 2 year old Beagle. Both from rescue, both without any major health issues. Most of our claims have been routine procedures, with only one emergency. VPI advantages: 1. They are very up front about what they cover and what they don't. Please educate yourself before purchasing a policy. 2. They have great customer service. Each time I have called, they have been receptive to feedback and have offered a solution or answered my question. 3. We have the Superior Plan with CareGuard Core. Our deductible is $100, after which they cover a quite few illnesses and emergency treatments. For example, we visited the emergency vet after the dogs consumed grapes. They covered all but $100 and the $100 deductible. So we got $400 of the $600 per dog back. VPI Disadvantages: 1. The CareGuard does not come close to covering flea/tick preventative for a year. They only cover about 3 months worth/$50 per year. CareGuard also doesn't cover some of the routine carefully before purchasing. 2. They are a typical insurance company. They want to make money not give money. Their appeal process (if you feel you've been denied fair payback OR you want an exclusion lifted) is a royal pain! You have to submit your pet's medical history and get verification from your vet, along with the "routine" appeal paperwork. Most of the time it's not even worth it, which is exactly what they want you to think. The bottom line..... After

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Toxicity from grapes
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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