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Submitting Claims with Healthy Paws has been easy to do when I need to. I have a concern with how they significantly increase their premiums every year though.

We have been using Healthy Paws since 2015 when we adopted our kitty. He was 7 years old then. Every year, the insurance premium slightly increased up until last year when the premium almost doubled in price. We just received a notification for the premium adjustment for 2021, and the cost is almost doubling again. It seems that now that my kitty is in his senior years and had a few more appointments, they are adjusting the price to the point where we possibly should consider moving to another insurance company. I want to let others who are looking at this insurance as this is not covered if any of the insurance ranking web sites. You will find other customers who are posting this same complaint also..

I currently have a $250 deductible with 90% coverage. Below are some numbers for reference.
2015 = $29.35 / month
2016 = $30.77 / month
2017 = $33.45 / month
2018 = $37.61 / month
2019 = $43.98 / month
2020 = $83.02 / month
2021 = $157.40 /month (renews in 2 months)

When I called Healthy Paws last year about the significant premium price jump, I was told then this was due to the number of people filing claims in my area so they have to adjust the premium costs. Before I moved to Healthy Paws (based on their good reviews), I had a VPI/Nationwide plan and the premiums never adjusted this significantly.

Since I started paying in 2015, I have paid $3040.14 in premium costs. Unless I adjust my coverage for 2021, I will pay $1,888 in premium costs just for 2021.

There was a class action suite that was flied about this practice, but the judge dismissed the case it seems in favor of Healthy Paws.

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Posted: 03/31/2021


Thank you for your kind words about our easy claims process and for being a part of the Healthy Paws family since 2015. We understand no one likes any form of premium increase. Our management team works hard to keep our premiums as low as possible while still providing comprehensive coverage. New technology, advancements in veterinary treatments, and overall claim costs are taken into consideration when assessing our rates. Premiums are determined based on the rates and rating rules filed and approved within each state’s Department of Insurance. These reflect the cost of treatment, advances in veterinary medicine (including specialty care), your individual pet’s breed, gender, age and other factors, in addition to the overall claims experience for the program within the region your pet resides. As a result, we need to increase the premium level for all pets in your state so your pet can have continued access to the best veterinary care. All pet insurance companies, no matter how they market their benefits, will raise rates to keep up with the rapidly rising cost of specialty and emergency care. We do our best to be transparent regarding annual premium increases by including this information on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page of our website. Give your kitty a big hug from us.

The Healthy Paws Team