Excellent Service All the Way Around

Out of 10

We have had this insurance since 2008 and have processed four claims. Every time we call them they are extremely courteous and always ready to explain what we have to do in a FRIENDLY matter. They never rushed us, or seemed to be annoyed with any of our questions. They have even went as far as to help us with the vet when we were unsure of some of the charges and explanations of service. The process of claims is so easy to do, and when they have questions instead of just sending the whole thing back or worse throwing it away, they instead call you and e-mail you try to explain what went wrong so it can be fixed. We ALWAYS received our claim within 10 business days which compared to another insurance usually takes 30-45 days. I love PETS BEST INSURANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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broken leg :(
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Siberian Husky

Age of Pet
Under a year

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