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My 2 year old, Golden Retriever, Amber, collapsed unexpectedly on our living room floor one night, and we had to immediately take her to the Animal ER Hospital. Myself and family are so relieved knowing that she will be allowed the best of medical attention, since we only have to pay the $200 deductible (per diagnosis/per year), and all other expenses are covered 100%. We don't know what actually caused her collapse, but it could medication related...she had been healing from a severe ear infection in both ears, and was placed on several medications. She had to have surgery on both ears, and her culture test came back from the labs showing two things located in her middle ears: 'Pseud. aeruginosa' bacteria, and 'Staph. intermedius' yeast. The bacteria and yeast had eaten/perforated both eardrums. But her collapse could have been due to the medications or anything, such as Addisons Disease, Leptospirosis, etc...she had seriously high liver enzyme was over 4500 level, and a normal dogs liver enzymes are about 125 level, so we have to have her liver tested. After the ER visit she has also been visiting her veterinarian and having many blood tests and liver biopsies taken, so we can narrow down her liver enzyme problems. It is nice to be able to take care of Amber and is so supporting to have PetPlan reimburse our costs (100%-per diagnosis). Because the liver enzyme tests are a continuation diagnosis from the ER room, and the $200 deductible for this diagnosis (h

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High Liver Enzymes & Severe Ear Infection-both ears
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Golden Retriever

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