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My six year old Pug started to show signs of pain; he stopped drinking water and eating his food (super abnormal given his voracious appetite). He also became overtly inactive and refused to potty. Within 24 hours the symptoms became worse and I wanted to take him to the emergency.
At this time, we were under the impression (message was conveyed to us by a representative who helped us sign up for this insurance) that they covered expenses on the spot if the doctor's recommendation for surgery or what have you is faxed/mailed to them. But I was notified that they would pay me after I would cover the expenses from my own pocket. This was a shock and it was frustrating to find this out. I had a very difficult time to come up with 2000 dollars on the spot and not knowing if that was enough and that if it wasnt, I could not come up with the rest meaning that I could lose my dog.
Thankfully my pug recovered and I was sent a check within a month's time after all necessary paperwork was submitted.

I'm giving an overall rating of 8 because of the speedy process.

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Posted: 10/29/2011

Care Credit allows veterinary expenses to be charged on their credit card for up to 6 months, interest free. Pet Plan usually pays the claim within a few weeks. We have always received the check from Pet Plan prior to receiving the bill from the credit card company. Hopefully, you will find this information helpful.