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I have pugs, which is one of those breeds with lots of potential problems. I got this insurance for the pug I've had since he was a puppy, and he's been ridiculously healthy (fortunately). When I adopted my second from the ASPCA, I thought I'd better add her, and was delighted with the second pet discount. Well, she turned out to be a lot less fortunate in her health issues, and while we didn't opt for the wellness coverage, since we budget for those vet visits, all the premiums we'd paid for the first dog have all been nearly reimbursed since Gremlin developed a persistant infection. I think the amount of reimbursement was fair, although living in my NYC neighborhood, the allowance for office visits and antibiotics was a little low (I've shopped around and my vet now is much more reasonable than the one I used to go to!) Other than that, I've been very happy with this insurance. Prompt payment, and courteous customer service, and I can check on all my claims on a secure website - no holding for the next available person!

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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