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We recently welcomed an adorable little Shi-poo puppy by the name of Bijou into our family . After having her spayed and experiencing sticker shock over the cost of medical care, we decided to purchase a health insurance plan to cover any mishaps or illnesses. We figured we would be paying premiums for several years before having to use the policy - Bijou is a baby, after all.
But wouldn't you know it, at the tender age of 8 months, Bijou began to have digestive problems which would not clear up with the ordinary measures suggested. Blood work, x-rays, and ultrasounds were performed to try to find the cause of her troubles. While waiting for further testing, Bijou became very ill. She was playing Frisbee one minute and then unresponsive the next. A trip to the emergency hospital on a weekend was necessary. An overnight stay was ordered where she received IV's and steroids to help her bounce back to her frisky self.

During our search for a health plan, we did lots of comparing and we decided to purchase a plan from Healthy Paws Insurance. I faxed bills for the diagnostic work that was performed on Bijou ($1,400). After requesting Bijou's brief medical records from the vet, Healthy Paws paid promptly exacting as promised in their plan.

When I went to work from the ultrasound visit, I faxed the bill over to Healthy Paws and by the time I got home from work there was an e-mail advising me that all of her claims had already been processed! The checks were rec

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