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We had a different plan before Pet Plan. It only paid up to $3500 per year and had a pre-existing condition limitation that renewed year to year. We switched to Pet Plan and am so happy we did. Our coverage is so much better; we won't have to make a decision regarding our lab based on money.This paid off when I discovered a dog bite wound on her underside after a little scuffle at the park. Off to the pet hospital at 11:00pm. After surgery to clean out the wound and insert a drain, she came home with antibiotics. Two days later I was concerned because the area didn't look good so she went to her regular vet. The wound was very, very infected with an unusual bacteria and required another surgery the following day (I am glad we a culture done). She had about 2 weeks of antibiotics and has completely recovered. It was just a random accident that could happen to any friendly dog...but cost $1800 to treat. I am so pleased that after submitting my claim, I received a check for $1600....exactly as the policy stated....100% of the actual charge minus a $200 deductible per incident. Yeah, I am so satisfied and I'm spreading the word about Pet Plan.

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dog bite wound
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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