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My 2.5 yr old Minature Bull Terrier, Stella, was born with a genetic disorder called Primary Lens Luxation "PLL." In short, PLL is a weakness in the ligaments in the eye that hold the lens in place. When the lens falls out or "luxates" within just a couple hours its causes a medical emergency where massive pressure builds up within the eye, causing such extensive damage that the eye must be removed; effectively blinding the dog. A genetic test came out a few months after I purchased Stella and I found out she was affected, so I was able to plan ahead to avoid the worst. Knowing Petplan covered genetic disorders (as long as no signs of the illness are present at the time of enrollment), I enrolled Stella very early on. Stella has been having regular Veterinary Opthamologist exams in an attempt to catch the dreaded signs of PLL before the worst happened. At one of her last appointments, the vet caught that one of her lenses was "wobbling," where the lens is loose but hasn't fallen out yet. It was time for surgery. One week later Stella had surgery to remove both lenses and have them replaced with lens implants, saving not only her vision but also her eyes completely. Petplan covered exactly as much of the claim as they said they would(80% for specialist care under my plan) after my $200 deductible, completely hassle-free. I initially was concerned that maybe they would consider this operation elective since it wasn't life-threatening or maybe would only pay for one eye si

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Eye problem

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Miniature Bull Terrier

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