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I had VPI insurance for my pets for about six months. I got it through work, so the premiums were taken out of my paycheck every month. Six months in, I changed jobs and changed my premium payments to direct pay from my checking account. The next month, when my statement came in, VPI had withdrawn more than $160 from my account -- twice, with no word or warning. It should have been $24 per animal, $48 total. When I called -- and spoke to the rudest customer service rep I've ever come across in my life, I was informed that I'd never paid a penny for the two policies and they were just "catching me up" by taking it out of my account. Well, I had the pay stubs to prove I had paid and my company could also prove it, but VPI refused to admit that they had indeed received the money. They are either incompetent accountants or outright liars -- or both. I demanded reimbursement and they refused, so I had to get my state's insurance office involved. They ended up being no help whatsoever -- they knew my side of the story and VPI stuck to their story and actually out and out called me a liar, but offered no proof. Still the insurance office sided with VPI. I received no reimbursement. Needless to say, I cancelled my policies. Here's the kicker: Two years later, suddenly the amount they'd withdrawn from my checking account suddenly reappeared. No letter of explanation, no nothing. My theory is they went through an audit and discovered that I really had paid. I would never in

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Never made a medical claim -- See review above.
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Under $100

Australian Shepherd

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1 - 8

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Posted: 08/18/2013

The worst insurance company ever, Poor reimbursement. Shop around. For the price they charge and what they cover VPI is a cheat!