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I have a chocolate lab, yellow lab and pit bull mix. All three have Pet Plan. My chocolate lab and yellow lab are both puppy mill rescues that were kept confined for years for breeding purposes. In December, 2010, my chocolate lab was in the hospital for dental work, common with puppy mill dogs. She had also been having some problems walking. X-rays were taken which confirmed hip dysplasia; it was bone on bone with almost no cartilage left. After reviewing all of the alternatives, we scheduled hip replacement surgery in March, 2011. We dropped her off on the scheduled day for the pre-op workup. I received a call within a couple of hours - there was a large tumor found wrapped around the bone in the leg scheduled for surgery. Hip replacement surgery was no longer an option. Rather, we changed the surgery to an FHO where the head of the femur was removed. The surgery was successful but she was diagnosed with cancer. Over the next six months, Bailey received chemotherapy, which is now complete. She has a great prognosis; there are no indications that the cancer has spread, although she will be monitored closely. Bailey's claims have totaled over $8000. We paid the $200 deductible for the initial diagnosis and were reimbursed 80% of all medical expenses. We were able to make medical decisions for Bailey based on what was best for her without worrying about the cost. Bailey is now a very happy and lucky girl! She deserves the best which is why we chose Pet Plan! As a previous cust

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hip dysplasis
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Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

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Over 8 years

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