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I had a policy with my english bulldog puppy. The breeder offered a tril which waived all waiting periods. I picked the most expensive policy, Secure4 and made some claims in the first month which were clearly stated as covered in the Secure4 policy details. They denied my claims saying that my policy was not in effect, and then I found out they did not setup my policy correctly. I had to call and e-mail SEVERAL times to address the issue, and after 4 months, they finally reviewed and attempted to correct the issue. They promised customer service credits which I never saw, and after the second assessment denied a few claims AGAIN wrongfully. I have already switched to Trupanion they have much better claims process, a sliding (non-changing) deductible, and they guarantee 90% coverage where PetSecure reserves the right to randomly reduce coverage to 50%.

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Additional premium coverage with Secure4 plan, and spay procedure
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

English Bulldog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 09/21/2014

After some research,I decided to go for petsecure 3 years ago when I rescued two kittens from SPCA. One thing I was very impressed is that the president and CEO would actually respond to some of the complains here. However, I couldn't find responses here since 2010 and then found that he actually not the president anymore but now with another pet insurance company.
I have the same experience as lots of the pet owners here that they reduce the payout % after a big claim back in Dec 2013 which was the max amount of $2,500. All I can say is DISAPPOINTED to this company.

Posted: 12/31/2013

Wow, I have been scrolling down reading the input from various individuals and am concerned about this company and their customer service. While some rate Petsecure quite highly, others have given poor reviews. And they are all consistent! Slow payment, wretched customer service, reduction of benefit coverage and even penalaties for "moving" to a new part of Canada.But the reason that disturbs me the most is that there are absolutely no comments posted by the Company and no reponses by any Company Representative to the individual posting. Wow...... if I was getting bad reviews, I would do something to win back my clients, while also making certain that those reading the reviews get all sides of the story.
Thanks to all who post!