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My first golden retriever died of leukemia at 10 1/2. From diagnosis to her death was 8 days and it cost me $1,200. She was NOT insured and I would have paid whatever it cost to keep her quality of life going. Now I have a different golden retriever who will be 12 years old in July 2012. I've had her insured (full coverage, including cancer riders) through VPI since I got her. She's had two knee surgeries, some dental work, and the standard care (check ups, heartworm preventative, etc.). The insurance paid for over half her knee surgeries. It has been well worth it! I know some here have mentioned other insurances pay more. And if that's true then I'd like VPI to be more competative in that regard. But since most people don't even think about insurance until a major incident, I'd say that VPI is a great choice. I've never had a problem with a claim and they've always been prompt. Your pet is a part of your family, and I believe their health should be insured.

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