Noel's recent emergency

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Over the course of a weekend, I noticed Noel being bothered by something in her mouth - it looked like she had eaten peanut butter and was trying to get it off hte roof of her mouth. It didn't look like an emergency, however first thing Monday morning I called the vet because there was something bothering her. As it turned out she had developed a granuloma (the size of a dime) and needed to have it removed and then sent to a pathology lab for diagnosis and treatment. The veteranarian said that these types of oral irritants grow quickly (within a week's time) and wouldn't go away on it's own. GoPetPlan Insurance is phenominal - they paid the claim within a week after receiving all the paperwork. All three of my cats are on the plan and it has certainly paid for itself. I had another insurance prior to this policy and the claims took forever to process and the amount returned was next to nothing. With this insurance plan you can choose your deductible and the amount of insurance for each pet - all I can say is that you should be soliciting information to every veterinarian's office, because by far your insurance is one I recommend to everyone...and the prices are equal to the lesser insurances out there.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Havana Brown

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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