Terrifying Incident Made All The Less Worrisome

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My 130-lb. alaskan malamute ran full bore into the unforgiving jagged end of a fallen tree. It filleted his right arm practically to the bone and the laceration spanned almost the entire length at his elbow and then shot down another three inches. My initial fear was that Kiba was going to bleed to death on me. A piece of jerky miraculously lured him back to the car and after I wrapped a tee shirt around the wound, I rushed him to the nearest vet hospital. 30 minutes later he underwent emergency surgery and by the grace of God made it through ok, his arm held together by nearly 6 inches of stitches.
Echoing the words of many of Petplan's faithful, the first question everyone asked after they learned that Kiba would be ok was "I don't I shouldn't bring this up...but, uhhh, how much is this going to cost you?" They all stared at me in disbelief when I said probably a little over 200 (cost of the deductible). I submitted the first two charges (totaling 1290), hoping for the best, but privately preying that they would cover half.

A week later I opened my mailbox to find a check for 1030 waiting for me. I could've wept I was so grateful. While money was never my primary concern, as the sole provider for my household it's impossible not to be concerned with the financial hardships brought on by unexpected accidents as such. Petplan came through without any hassles or delays and were there with a live body whenever I called with questions or concerns. It's rare in today's da

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laceration to the right arm
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Over $1000

Alaskan Malamute

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1 - 8

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