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I have paid into the insurance for a year and a half and I hoped to never need it but when my dog woke up limping one morning I was very worried, took her to the vet and of course they had to X-ray her and investigate the cause, there were a couple of issues but fortunately it was nothing serious, she had actually injured her paw pad, but after the expense of the visit I was very happy that I had insurance and could rest assure that whatever the issue was, my little baby was covered and would be safe. For a first time experience having to make a claim, Trupanion actually paid me my money much faster than even they initially said it would take for a first time claim since they had to get her medical records which is something they only have to do once, with your first claim. I received the exact amount, covering her meds, her X-rays and everything except the visit, which I already knew was not covered. The service was excellent and I would recommend this company to all my friends! Thanks Trupanion, for doing what you promise you will in times of need!

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limping on leg
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Bichon Frise

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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