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Like all of you out there I too am daddy to two of the sweetest long-haired chihauhaus that are beyond spoiled! My wife an I shopped for pet insurance and had a couple of terrible experiences until a friend recommended Embrace Pet Insurance. Our experience with them has been nothing short of superior in all aspects of cost, reimbursements, and follow up customer service.
They are by no means cheap but I can tell you that the services they offer are worth every dollar we spend. They are fast, efficient, and "get it", meaning they understand and empathize with what we go through when our babies become ill or injured. I actually had a representative call me to see how my little girl - Mango - was making out post op from her shoulder fusion. As we speak, my big girl - Maggie - a.k.a Mootz - is under going a surgical procedure to remove infected anal glands and they reviewed the pre-authorization estimate and sent us an email detailing what the % of coverage would be. They condensed a 7-day process into a 24-hour turn around so we wouldn't suffer sticker shock with the bill!

Embrace is just a down home folksy operation that is professional, well organized, quick to respond, and has the best interests of policy holders on the front burner. They are wonderful to deal with on the phone and go out of their way to accommodate policy holders. I'm the first one to send off a barn burner to whomever is willing to listen when I receive poor customer service from any organization. I

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