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Tommy got diagnosed with renal failure at the Vets. The first Vet said that he only had two weeks to live, so I left that Vet and took him elsewhere! The new Vet is showing me how to give fluids and feed him, keep him going, because a cat in renal failure can live quite happily with only 25% kidney function. It was expensive going to two vets and I used up my insurance policy and then some pretty quick, but I appreciate the help of the policy, every little bit helps. It is expensive trying to save your pet, but it is so worth it! I want Tommy with me as long as possible. I appreciated PetFirst Insurance - they paid just what they promised they would.

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Renal (kidney)

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 12/15/2011

PetFirst doesn't covers conditions beyond the first policy year. When your insurance renews, your pet's kidney failure won't be covered any more. I know from experience.

Posted: 01/25/2012

I also had the same experience. Once the policy renews for the next term, anything that happened before is no longer covered. My dog has lymphoma. He was diagnosed less than 2 months before his policy renewed. All vet visits for the lymphoma after the policy renewed were not covered.