Best thing I ever did for my Greyhound!!!!

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I rescued a Greyhound in April 2010, she did race in wheeling WV and was in a collision during a race and she ending up having her back toe amputated, when I adopted her she was only walking on three legs and I was looking at her paw and noticed where they removed the toe was really white and mushy. So i took her to the vet and her toe had become really infected and was put on a strong antiobotic for 3 weeks for the infection, Boy was that expensive. While I was at the vet office i picked up a brochure for VPI insurance and decided that I would try it, because taking a pet to the vet can be VERY expensive. So I got her the insurance but anything to do with that toe was excluded from the policy because it was pre existing. Then one horrible day I got a call from my mom and telling me the dog had gotten into rat poison, was I a hot mess,I called my vet they gave me instructions I rushed home and got her to vomit and i still had to take her into the vets office, they had to do all kinds of blood work and it was about $400 bill, I submitted my claim to VPI and within 2 weeks I had recieved my check for $350. So they covered almost the entire vet bill, then she started getting alot of UTI'S and the pet insurance has covered some of those bills. But It has been the best thing I ever did. The coverage I got also includes her yearly shots and they pay towards dental cleaning. Thank You VPI for a great insurance program to help keep our animals/family members happy and healthy and tha

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peticide poisioning
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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