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I had my dog with Banfield and used to take her to the Kendall (Miami, FL) clinic/hospital. As mentioned in this forum, they are OK with vaccinations and other preventive medicine. Once I had taken her to the clinic since she was scratching a lot. The clinic Vet was busy and I was given an option to drop off my dog and they would call when to pick her up. This never happened. Since I did not hear from them I called back about three hours later, they said the dog was ready to be picked up. When I went to pick her up, no one in the clinic knew what she was treated for but they said she can be picked up!!! I had to see their duty Vet again to discuss the itching issue. They are very prompt in sending reminders about vaccinations. They had given her rabies shot in Oct 2010. I went on their website to complain about this issue and realized that I can view old records of service provided by the clinic. Then I noted that they have been charging for various visits that I did not make!!! When I called their customer service, they were very rude. Requested to cancel this insurance and that is when I was told that this is a "wellness plan" and I have to wait till the anniversary date to cancel. I left several voice and emails and never heard from them!!! Not sure which one is bad, the customer service or the clinic!!! However, most of the staff at the clinic are very friendly and that was the only reason for me to take my dog to this clinic for about three years.

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Labrador Retriever

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