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Our younger cat, Zoe, was 10 years old before we realized it. She had always been healthy (strickly indoors)and since she was 8 years younger than our other kitty, Minnie, we thought of her as a youngster. I began to notice that she was having difficulty eating and took her to our vet. A look in Zoe's mouth told Dr. Boyd that there were problems and that she would probably need to pull at least one tooth. After she sedated Zoe and had cleaned and checked her teeth, the vet called me to say that Zoe had a serious, painful, dental disease (resorbtive lesions) and would need to see a specialist. We were impressed with the specialist recommended by our regular vet and felt confident that her recommendation that Zoe have 8 more teeth pulled was valid. The bill for the combined vet/specialist surgeries was over $1000 and ASPCA Pet Insurance reimbursed about half that amount. We only wish we had taken the Pet Insurance on our older cat years ago before she had a spinal cord injury that has cost us thousands.

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dental/gum disease (resorbtive leisons)
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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