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I could not have asked to get my payment back any more quickly than with Pet Plan. I got my check from them in a little over a week.
When my dog bloated, I elected to have her spleen removed as in my breed Spleenic Torsio is rather common, so I have always heard that if your dog is already under for surgery, remove the spleen too. Well that's exactly what I did... Big mistake!! Ava ended up with internal bleeding, irregular heart beat, and low blood pressure from her spleen removal removal. When the emergency vet went in to repair the bleeding, it was hard to tell where the bleeding was from since her blood pressure was so low. Then the unthinkable happened, Ava flat-lined on the table twice! Because of this they had to stitch her up quickly to get her off of the anesthesia. She then had to stay at a 24 hour emergency hospital for 3 more days so that they could properly stitch her up when she was more stable.

To think that my decision for an elective spleenectomy almost cost my dog her life!

Pet Plan was great. They didn't cover the spleenectomy itself ($475), but they covered 100% of the complications from the elective surgery! All and all, I was reimbursed over $6,000 from the ordeal. All I had to pay on top of the fee for the spleenectomy was my $50 deductible!

I have had plenty of other pet insurance companies for my other dogs, and none would have handled this claim in such a professional and timely manner. Most pet insurance companies try to make anything th

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