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I switched insurance on my Maltese this year, when he was 12 years old, because his old insurance did not insure conditions which a dog was being treated for once the yearly renewal date came around. Although they paid consistently [though not 80%] over the years, I thought this was a bad policy to have for an older dog, a dog loved and cared for in the most tender way. Four months after being insured by Pets Best, my dog had high insulin levels. An ultrasound was done, claiming it was the pancreas. Then a CT scan, which said the pancreas was fine, but there was a liver mass. The liver mass was studied under laparoscopic surgery and it was determined it should be removed so the surgery was converted to a full surgery. They found a liver tumor and removed it and yesterday I found out that it was cancerous, although, Thank G-d, the prognosis is good. The ultrasound was $500; the CT scan 1490; the surgery $4400. Pets Best has not paid a dime! They claim it was all pre-existing. Can you belive a liver tumor was pre-existing when his vet did a wellness ultrasound in April 2011 and found everything OK; when another ultrasound was done in August and the liver was again OK, and then in September a cancerous tumor was found. PETS BEST DOES NOT WANT TO INSURE OLDER DOGS. I have appealed the ultrasound [twice} and will appeal the other two, and maybe contact parent company, Aetna. Doubt if they will do anything. I am considering going to a lawyer.

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Posted: 09/27/2011

Hi Dr. Kahan, we hope your Maltese is recovering and feeling better. Claims decisions are made after careful review of medical records provided by the treating veterinarians. While your Maltese’s cancer may not have been diagnosed until after your policy waiting periods, the condition was determined to be pre-existing due to information in the records indicating the condition began to develop before your pet was insured. The Pets Best Insurance appeal process involves review by an independent medical examiner, who upheld our original decision with regard to your case. Pet Best Insurance has no upper age limits for pets, we don’t reduce or cancel coverage based on a pet’s age, and we have covered many illnesses in senior pets that developed after their policy waiting period.

Posted: 09/29/2011

did you find a better insurance company???

Posted: 10/11/2011

Who was the insurer that dropped coverage at renewal?

Posted: 10/24/2011

probably previous insurer was Petshealth Plan. They dont cover if you have previous claims in the following year. I dont think they have continuous care at least thats what I ran up against years ago when I had a dog with kidney disease so you have better get it cured within the policy period. yeah right...