VPI gave me a extra year with my Golden Retriever

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I applyed with VPI when my dogs were 6 months old (10 years ago), the represenative recomended that I also cover them for Cancer because of their breed. So I did but I never thought that I would actually need to use it. My 8 year old male golden retriever (Snoop) developed Lymphoma he was diagnose in April of 2010, I was devastated and did not know what to do, I looked through my policy and found out that he was covered for that disease.I decieded to go through with Chemotherapy treatments which was very costly. $300 per treatment (16 of them) over a 6 month period. He was in remission after the secound treatment and was doing fine up until the secound of the last of his treatment and they discoverd tumors in his stomache in Oct 2010. He was then placed on a different chemo protocol, in the mean time I gather all of my invoices and receipts and submitted them all in. The total came out to be including diagnosis, lab test, ulrtrasound, meds, consultation for specialist and chemo treatments was in the range of $4835.85. I was pleased when I received a check about 3 weeks to a month later for $3993.14. Snoop was due for renewal in Nov 2010 and I thought for sure they would not renew his policy but they did not. He contuined on a couple of different of rounds of chemo and he was doing well until March 2011, he went down hill within two days of his chemo treatment and he died on a Friday. I called VPI that following Monday and they told me to send in the final invoices and that th

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Golden Retriever

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