VPI has provided excellent coverage and service.

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We have had VPI insurance on our two Boxer dogs since the day we picked them up. One is 6 and the other will be 5 next month. We have the regular coverage plus the preventive and cancer riders. Our oldest Boxer qualified for the VPI major medical when it became available in our state. Any time we have questions, we call and the staff have been very helpful and provided the needed information. We submit our bills right after the services and we receive an email acknowledgement quickly and unless it is a complicated claim we hear from VPI within two weeks with a check and explanation of the claim processed or the denial and reason for the denial. All very timely. We know we did not buy 100% coverage so we expect to pay out of pocket. For routine care, it is a fair and reasonable split. When we have had to incur expensive surgery, it may not pay for it all but we are grateful for the coverage provided. The pets may have had to go without surgery if we did not have VPI. Like others, we did check a couple of years ago into other coverage and because of the service, coverage provided and the cost of insurance, we stayed with VPI. We recommend VPI to all our pet owner friends. We have had pets in the past without insurance and we know first hand that having pet insurance is as important as for humans. My wife worked in the health insurance industry for over 33 years and she feels VPI does an excellent job. A review from a very happy and satisfied VPI customer.

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preventive care visit
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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