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On New Years day 2011, our Rico began to vomit and was lethargic, shaking and looked horribly ill. Having just lost our precious Chica this past July we weren't taking any chances; we rushed Rico to the ER. They treated him, we brought him home and all was well. I submitted his bills (first time claim) and was a little curious as to how long it would take for them to pay the claim and how much they'd actually cover. You see, when we lost our precious Chica in July 2011, our hospital and vet bills were over $14,700 over a 3 month period and we had no insurance. Needless to say, that set us back quite a bit financially, but we would have paid anything to save her and couldn't. When we adopted Rico, our first step was to aquire insurance and all my research pointed to PetPlan. So as I faxed the claims over to PetPlan, I was wondering how much they'd pay and how long it would take. Within a week I received a wonderful letter along with the entire claim being paid minus our deductible! No calls, no hassles, just professionalism. I really wish health insurers for us humans would be as kind and as humane. We have our second dog also covered through PetPlan and as we have now aquired a third rescue, she too will soon be covered by them also. I cannot stop telling people about PetPlan and wish that each and every pet parent would buy this insurance for their furbabies, its a lifesaver! Thank you PetPlan, we are your biggest advocate and supporter!!

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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