Petsecure is Canada's oldest and largest pet health insurance provider, offering comprehensive coverage for accidents, illnesses and alternative treatments, as well as optional dental care coverage and exclusive member benefits.

Learn more about Petsecure's plan options and read customer reviews so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider. 

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Petsecure Pet Insurance Reviews

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Posted: 05/10/2021

This company goes above and beyond anything that I would have expected. They are efficient and kind when handling your claim. Their added information on my kid's health was very much appreciated. I recommend this company to any of my friends with fur...

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Mixed Breed Large (70–90 Lbs)

Age of Pet
1 - 8
Out of 10
Posted: 04/28/2021

PetSecure continuously insists that I haven't submitted XYZ document(s), and therefore they can't process my claim, despite the fact I have already thoroughly explained that they already have all the documents I have; there are no additional documents...

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Domestic Short Hair

Age of Pet
1 - 8
Monthly Cost

Premiums will vary depending on your plan choice, breed and location. 



Choose between 4 levels of cover for Accident, Illness and Dental treatment.

Secure 1 offers $1,000 per Accident cover, $1,000 Illness cover per condition, per year and $200 Dental cover.

Secure 2 offers $2,500 per Accident cover, $2,500 per condition, per year Illness cover and $300 Dental cover.

Secure 3 offers $5000 per Accident cover, $5,000 per condition per year cover and $400 Dental cover. 

Secure 4 offers unlimited cover for Accidents and Illness and $600 per year Dental cover, and Wellness cover.

Plans offer 80% coverage (20% co-insurance) after annual deductible satisfied.


Payout Limits

Annual limits of $1,000, $2,500, $5000 or unlimited cover depending on your chosen plan. Limit amounts are per accident or per illness/condition per year.

Dental coverage amounts depending on plan choice.



Annual- Age Based Deductibles

Deductible A

$100 - $500

Deductible B

$200 - $700


*Secure 4 with Wellness Care

Deductible A

$250 -$500

Deductible B

$300 - $700


Age Limits

Pet must be at least 8 weeks old to enroll. 
No age limit


Waiting Period

48 hours for accidents

14 days for illness

6 months for dental, cruciate ligament injuries or interverebral disc disease



Pre-existing conditions are not eligible for coverage.


Petsecure is Canada's largest pet health insurance provider, offering comprehensive, veterinarian-recommended coverage for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages.

In over 28 years, Petsecure has cared for more than 1.2 million pets.

Petsecure offers coverage for accidents, illness, dental care and alternative treatments, as well as exclusive member benefits.

Petsecure is committed to community involvement, donating over $500,000 to various animal organizations across Canada.