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24PetWatch Pet Protection Services is a leading provider of pet insurance to North American and Canadian pet owners. As well as offering pet health insurance, 24PetWatch provides lost pet recovery database management services for people and their pets. Learn more about 24 Petwatch’s plan options and read customer reviews so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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POSTED: | BY: Dianne

A+ for ShelterCare

Our 1 year old fox terrier/sheltie mix was scratching her ears terribly when we brought her home from an NC no-kill shelter. It was a nasty yeast infection. I filed a claim for the vet charges with the ShelterCare 30 day policy that was provided by the shelter. The balance minus our deductible was reimbursed promptly within a few weeks after sending in the claim. I was pleasantly surprised by the promptness and ease of filing the claim. I would consider renewing the policy after the 30 days provided by the shelter but after calling the ShelterCare number I understood that they would not accept titers in place of vaccinations. They require standard vaccinations to be able to insure a dog with them. Unfortunately I use titers rather than vaccinations for my dogs which will prevent me from continuing a policy with them. That issue aside however, I would give them a good rating for honoring their 30 day coverage provided by the shelter.

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POSTED: | BY: Jeanne Lain

Not satisfied

I have carried PetCare Insurance since 2005. Of the five claims I have submitted, three have had to be reevaluated because they incorrectly linked his ear infection to allergies (excluded), which in all three cases, were not. Although they consistantly say that ear infections are not an exclusion, they deny my claims and require me to get a statement from my vet saying they are not linked. My dog is too old and would have too many pre-existing conditions for me to change insurance companies at this point, bu I cannot in good conscience recommend thenm to others. They make it too hard and have required me to fight for every reimbursement.

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POSTED: | BY: Joanne Seward

Existing conditions suddenly appear

We received three months of PetCare insurance when we adopted our dog three and a half years ago. After the three months were up we renewed the policy. At some point however, my husband was issued a new credit card and somehow the monthly PetCare fees did not transfer over. We discovered we were uninsured just when we actually needed the insurance. PetCare *very nicely* offered to issue a new policy if we paid for the full year in one payment, which we did, and naturally, that particular vet trip wasn't covered as there's a waiting period. More important, however, is that there were exclusions in the new policy that we were not informed of--mammary tumors were excluded as we'd had a suspicious bump biopsied and removed at the time the dog had been spayed, and any skin allergies as she had once licked a paw raw. We still have no idea if this was an allergic reaction, a bug bite or simply habit (she's a paw licker nd that's that). In retrospect it seems to me that had PetCare reinstated the existing policy neither of these conditions would have been excluded. And, as I said, we were not aware that the dog supposedly had allergies. We did know the lump had been pre-cancerous. It was removed when she was spayed and that was that, in our minds. Well, this past November I discovered a lump on her rib cage that the vet thought was a fatty cyst. It was *not* a mammary tumor. We had it biopsied just to be safe. At the same time she'd been scratching tremendously. The vet decided it was probably a food allergy. She switched us to a special food. When we submitted the claim for the office visit and the biopsy we received a letter saying the vet's info had not been submitted. This was *after* a phone call saying they'd received our claim. The secretary at the vet's said she would fax the info again despite having the time and date of the original submission in her files. We then received a letter saying that the claims were for pre-existing conditions and there would be no payment. The vet's office basically said this was not so, the cyst was different from a mammary tumor, and they resubmitted yet again, specifying that the biopsy of the cyst was not not allergy related nor a mammary tumor. The claim was still denied. I suspect that anything even vaguely related to cancer of any sort or anything on her skin will also be denied. We had just renewed shortly before all of this took place. Don't know if it's worthwhile renewing next year. It seems to me that they will link anything they possibly can to supposed skin allergies or cancer...So I don't know that I'd recommend them. I'd do more research first, see what people say about other companies. Only if they're worse than this would I do so. I'm thinking that a savings account with a decent interest rate might be a better way of setting aside money for pet illnesses...Not sure but at least I wouldn't deny my own claims. In the case of the only claim we ever made that wasn't denied, the reimbursment didn't nearly equal the outlay. I think it was about one quarter or one third of the actual fees I'd paid. I'd say "buyer beware"...And I agree with the reviewer who said they try to wiggle out of legitimate claims. The phone staff are lovely (when you finally reach them) but the powers that be are less than just.

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POSTED: | BY: Wendy from

Good Insurance

I like this insurance company because when i filed my claim for my dog it was quickly processed and i received my check in a timely manner. my dog is epileptic and it feels good to know that she won't be dropped because of this illness. however i don't like that they have a limit to the coverage and after she has exhausted that she won't be covered anymore. i also think their prices are a bit on the high side.

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POSTED: | BY: Robert

too expensive,

They just raised rates 20% and they are very vague concerning pre existing conditions

Monthly Cost

$11 – over $100, depending on your chosen plan and other variables including but not limited to species, location, breed and age.  


You have a co-pay of 20% after your annual deductible.

The pay-out amount is based on your actual vet bill.


Payout Limits

Annual limit of $1,500 – $20,000 depending on your chosen plan.



$100 – $1,000 annually.


Age Limits

Pet must be at least 8 weeks old to enroll.

Dogs must be under 11 years to enroll and cats must be under 13 years old to enroll.


Waiting Period

Coverage begins at 12:01 am on the date listed on policy for accidents. Named Peril coverage is available on the third day after date listed on policy. A policy waiting period of 14-30days applies for illness claims.



Pre-existing conditions are not covered.


24PetWatch Pet Protection Services is a leading provider of pet insurance to North American and Canadian pet owners. As well as offering pet health insurance, 24PetWatch provides lost pet recovery database management services for people and their pets. In states where eligible, clients that adopt animals out of shelters or through partnerships are eligible for a 30-day free Trial on certain products or a 8.33% discount in certain states or circumstances where the Trial is not offered.

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