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24PetWatch Pet Protection Services is a leading provider of pet insurance to North American and Canadian pet owners. As well as offering pet health insurance, 24PetWatch provides lost pet recovery database management services for people and their pets. Learn more about 24 Petwatch’s plan options and read customer reviews so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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POSTED: | BY: Alice

bad experience with PetCare Insurance

I had bad experience with PetCare Insurance, they are very strict on pre existing illness & exclusions. My cat, Tiger had high fever which suppose to be fall in the Infectious Disease category, but since Tiger had Conjunctivitis which is related to Herpes virus before I enrolled with them, they assumed that high fever is related to herpes viral infection & declined my claim in which I spent $540 & I was hoping to claim $340 after my $200 deductible but I got nothing. I switched my pet to PurinaCare, they said they will waive Tiger's exclusions after 6 months if Tiger stay healthy for those 6 months. I regretted deeply that I enrolled with PetCare Insurance.

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POSTED: | BY: S Wilkinson


Watch out..I had this pet insurance for over a year on my mixbreed shepard dog which was adopted from a shelter 7 years ago. When I signed up for pet insurance I set them medical bill detail recipts for time frame from when I had the dog 7 years..and current handwritten vets notes for the vet that treated my dog for the last 3 years. One year later, When I filled my first claim for under 500.00, I did not hear from them for about two months...So I called and was told that they need HAND WRITTEN VET NOTES FROM EVERY VET THAT MY DOG HAD EVERY SEEN,...Well PETcare HAD ALL THE DETAILED MEDICAL BILL RECEIPTS! NOT GOOD ENOUGH, .AND THEY LOST HALF OF THEM THAT I HAD SENT. .I tried to call all the vets that I had not seen in four to seven years ago...and try to get the handwritten notes ...for the medical bills which PetCAre already had....Only the 03 vet still had the file with the HAND WRITTEN NOTES IN THE FILE. The other two vets...no longer had the file as it was over 5-6 years ago, and they do not keep records for inactive customers. had to call Pet Care back and tell them that the other two vets no longer had the file as it was 6-7 years ago and I was no longer a customer. PetCare said to get a hand written letter from the other two vets stating that they no longer had the files with the hand written notes and had been destroyed. Well to say the least the other two vets laughed at me and wanted to know if I had the Medical Bill Records for the Treatment that was done when I used these vets...I said I had sent the Petcare Insurance every bill that I had from when I adopoted my dog from the shelter...Quote" Good Luck Getting Paid as the law says you only have to keep Pet Records for two years for NON Customer then they are destroyed". My dog has been at 4-5 different Vets in Seven Years since I move around a lot. To say the least I have not been paid for my claim and have paid this company PETCARE over $ 349.00 for a year No one answer the phone ....On hold for 1/2 OR MORE OR THE PHONE NUMBER IS BUSY!...Now here in month three after you hold for 1/2 hour they have hired an answer services....SAVE YOU MONEY....JUST AS BAD AS VIP.and some of the others..! Leave message and they claim will call you back in 30 hours....I have only gotten one of my many calls returned NOT WHAT THEY STATED ON THE WEB SITE! AND I EVEN READ THE FINE PRINT! I feel like crap as I had give the about 20 new customers..Well I will be telling the to watch this company or get PETBEST! Buyer beware! I think it is high time ! That some starts a real Pet Insurance company. How many people do you know have doctors (vet) hand written notes in their pet file? Most of us keep medical records bills because it list what was done and the treament your dog had. Send the word out...IF you use these people you MUST HAVE HAND WRITTEN VET NOTES TO BACK UP YOU VET BILLS FOR THE LIFE OF THE PET! THIS REALLY MAKES IT HARD TO ADOPT A PET A SAVE A LIFE!..I'M SURE THE CEO OF PETCO..IS NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS! IT PUTS A BURDEN ON PEOPLE WHO MOVE AROUND ALOT! WILL START SEND STUFF CERTIFIED MAIL!

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I feel deceived!

I've had the cat accident plan for 2.5 years with no claims. I submitted my first claim for a bite wound abscess, just to be told that it wasn't covered. It clearly states on the website that abscesses are covered under the accident plan, but I was informed that the plan on the website is the NEW accident plan. I have the OLD accident plan and its not covered on that. I feel deceived and I'm canceling immediately. I just wish I'd read more reviews before I chose this company.

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POSTED: | BY: Carolyn B

Insured for 6+ years - ALL positive

We have had PetCare QuickCare Gold for 6 years for our mutt. We did this after an emergency room visit that cost us $900. Since then it has paid for itself every year - and they pay promptly. They did exclude the infection and illness from the ER visit but there has never been a relapse for that. Every year we consider not renewing but then something happens (cut paws, infection, and once pancreatitis) that makes us reknew. The price has gone up so this year we considered another plan. Had to submit TONS of paperwork and then they excluded EVERYTHING. We renewed with PetCare. It has gotten expensive but we are at least even with our expenses - and the dog is a larger mixed breed and he is 7 years old. We figure we'll come out okay from here.

out of 10

POSTED: | BY: T. Brown

DON'T USE THIS COMPANY - change policy after claim

DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY!! PET CARE PET INSURANCE IS A TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE COMPANY!!!! I have a male cat which has had one (1) UTI issue (and he is 8 years old now) and carried a policy with Pet Care Pet Insurance on him. First they put a temporary exclusion on the policy for any UTI issues. After I complained and showed about 30 pages of documented health history where he was fine and didn't have any problems (this took about 4 months of my life), they removed his exclusion. Then I had a disagreement with one of the Customer Service Supervisors regarding another claim (this was a mouth problem - opposite physical end of the cat) she had the exclusion reinstated. I had had him insured with Pet Care Pet Insurance for about 4 years. When I complained, they said that I would need to talk with someone in underwritting but that they didn't talk to customers. (Yes, this is exactly what they told me - I needed to talk with someone that wouldn't talk with me!)Well, I don't have another 4 months of my life to spent on the phone trying to go up the 'chain of command' to speak with someone that actually cares. If they were headquartered in the US, I would file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), but since their HQ is in Canada there is nothing I can do. If I could rate this company any lower than a "1" I would. BUYER BEWARE! Obviously, I am not the only one to experience, their bait and switch policy tactics.

Monthly Cost

$11 – over $100, depending on your chosen plan and other variables including but not limited to species, location, breed and age.  


You have a co-pay of 20% after your annual deductible.

The pay-out amount is based on your actual vet bill.


Payout Limits

Annual limit of $1,500 – $20,000 depending on your chosen plan.



$100 – $1,000 annually.


Age Limits

Pet must be at least 8 weeks old to enroll.

Dogs must be under 11 years to enroll and cats must be under 13 years old to enroll.


Waiting Period

Coverage begins at 12:01 am on the date listed on policy for accidents. Named Peril coverage is available on the third day after date listed on policy. A policy waiting period of 14-30days applies for illness claims.



Pre-existing conditions are not covered.


24PetWatch Pet Protection Services is a leading provider of pet insurance to North American and Canadian pet owners. As well as offering pet health insurance, 24PetWatch provides lost pet recovery database management services for people and their pets. In states where eligible, clients that adopt animals out of shelters or through partnerships are eligible for a 30-day free Trial on certain products or a 8.33% discount in certain states or circumstances where the Trial is not offered.

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