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Customer Review for Petplan USA

10/10   Great service, great value
My dog Brinkley had bladder stones... He was barely able to urinate and when he did he would pee blood. We didn't hesitate with x-rays and saw a complete blockage by 4 bladder stones! We promptly had them removed and within a week of submitting the claim we had a check for more than we expected. We would never have a dog without insurance again. Good value... Great service. I cannot recommend it enough.
Company: Petplan USA   Injury/Illness: bladder Bladder stones   Breed: Mixed Breed
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Michael, 7/7/2011
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Dawn Lewis says:

I highly recommend Petplan to everyone I know that has a pet. I had a Rottie a very long time ago and was still paying her vet bills well after she left this world because pet insurance wasn't a thing yet. When I got my puppy 9 years ago I did a lot of research on pet insurance and felt that Petplan was the best...I still do. My Vixen has had several claims over the years (some small and some large). Petplan has always provided amazing customer service and completely took care of every claim quickly! Yes, you pay for the services your pet needs up front and for the big bills there is Care Credit which offers 0% financing plans. Paying up front to give your pet the services they need and reimbursed very quickly is a blessing! I tell people often that I am happy to pay the monthly premium and NEVER have to use them but it is great knowing you don't have to hesitate to get your pet the services they need when they need them. Your peace of mind is worth it and so are our pets!!! 
Patricia says:

I so wish we had insured my chihuahua! He is 12 years old now and has lipo sarcoma. He also has had bladder stones. He has food allergies as well. He is on prescription food and medications. As I read through these posts and all the questions... My thoughts have been that we all love our pets. They become our family. I didn't know how we were going to financially pay for our furbaby's surgery. He had two doctors in Nashville a surgeon and oncologist. Our vet gave him six months with inoperable removal of his tumors. One in the neck and one on the base of his tongue. We live 3 hours a way from Nashville. We struggled but, we made it happen. We were blessed to find a way. Insurance would have been a wonderful blessing!! We see the oncologist every two months. I love my pet and apparently all who have posted do as well. I think the best way to get answers to all of our questions is to call the company and ask directly. A big thanks to whoever shared this! In the future I will purchase insurance for my pets! We never know what tomorrow brings! Good luck to all you animal lovers!!  
Kim says:

Our lab/basset cross Tulip had severe sudden onset glaucoma in both eyes a couple of years ago. She had to have 1 eye removed right away as she was already blind in it and the vet was unable to get the pressure down. Over the course of about a year, she had about 5 surgeries on the other eye in an effort to save it. She was on numerous meds during this time, 2 of them costing about $200/each. Unfortunately, she ended up having to have the 2nd eye removed as well. During this time, Pet Plan paid all the claims for the vet services and the meds promptly and without question. They even phoned me twice to see how she was doing- what a surprise that was! When all was said and done, PetPlan had paid about $40,000 (yes that's correct- $40,000) in claims. Yes, we had to pay the vet and for the meds up front, but we used something similar to Care Credit but offered by Wells Fargo Bank for the larger expenses and then paid those off when we got reimbursed by PetPlan. I can't say enough good things about PetPlan and the people who work there. They have always been extremely helpful, kind, caring and sent reimbursement checks within 1-2 weeks after receiving our claims. I sing their praises to anyone who will listen. I wouldn't be without them as long as we have pets! 
bea says:

how could you get more $$ than expected if you researched the policy from the get go, and who doesnt look for the policy $$ ??? 
brooke says:

I lived in the UK for a time, i had the pet plan insurance there, and was looking forward to getting a plan when I moved back to the US. What a horror when I discovered that unlike in the UK the US petplan did NOT pay the vet's directly. I do not appreciate having to somehow keep a huge savings account somehow to pay a potential huge vet bill to get it reimbursed. I don't have the $8000 to pay a vet bill. Thats why I have the pet insurance. I have not been able to find a way to get that money set aside, thankfully I haven't needed it yet, but I am terrified. What am I going to do when it happens? 
Linda says:

PetPlan has a phone number you can call if you can't find your answers on the website. It is 866.467.3875. I spoke with them earlier today with a couple of specific situations and got the answers I need. Also, they do have a pre-approval process so you can make sure your situation will be covered. 
Robin says:

Reading the comments with interest. There is a toll-free number that you can call for specific questions. I am about to call them and ask about pre-existing conditions. You can too! 
Laura Hart says:

I have had PetPlan for my lab mix for almost five years. In that time she has had 2 cruciate ligament repairs with follow up physical therapy. Together it all totaled around $6000, of which PetPlan payed every single penny back to me minus the two $200 deductibles. Over the five years, my premiums have totaled $1800 so I consider it money well spent. Today, she is having a splenectomy due to tumor and I expect that will be well over $3000, of which I will be reimbursed 100% aside from my deductible. Yes, you have to pay for the charges upfront. I have done this by having a CareCredit account (credit card for medical expenses that gives 6 months interest free for any charge over $200) and paying off the balance when PayPlan sends reimbursement. It's an excellent plan and without it we would have had to give up our Biscuit long ago.  
nancy midgett says:

is the deductible a one time expenditure or does it apply to each claim? if i haveva 200. deductible and the med is 50. then the polcy woofuld be of no benefit. 
Lisa says:

Yes, you have to pay upfront, but from what I know you get reimbursed for covered items in a week or so. Better than not getting anything back. I paid over 10k for two TTA surgeries with one of my dogs. I would have loved to get that back... I think pet insurance is worth it.  
Anonymous says:

Ah, yes. Within 1 week. Wait 'til you have claims totaling over $6000. Try a month or more. 
LadyOrangeDog says:

I have read over the web-site several time. I am not a genius, but I don't think I'm stupid, either. I have personal insurance that pays 80% on most of my claims. They pay an astronomical amount sometimes. Yet, I still find that I am responsible for an astounding dollar amount NOT covered by my insurance. What I can not find on this site, concerning insurance for my pets, is this: Do I have to front the entire costs and hope I get all but my deductible back? If that is the case, I do not see how this would help the average person in an emergency situation. In fact, it would not help the average person anytime. IE: Tom is paying $450.00 a year with a $200.00 deductible. His Labrador needs an MRI and a Cat Scan. Does Tom have to pay the entire amount at the time of service, and wait for reimbursement? How does Tom find out the limit of reimbursement? Where is Tom going to get the money he needs up front, to BE reimbursed? This sounds like ObamaCare for pets, to me. The premiums are completely affordable. You pay the premiums every month. Your pet will be covered. Too bad if you can not pay the amount due at the time of service. At least your pet has insurance. 
Debbie says:

The answers to all the question below are explained on their website. Petplan provided this very detailed website with all these categories of information. I just skimed the info and I could answer every one of your questions. Just read it.  
gwen says:

im looking for an insurance where you don't have to lay out money upfront and wait to get reimbursed only 75 percent bcse if im paying thirty dollars a month and put money out upfront its a ripoff 
kat says:

Victoria Taylor is right - there are no answers. 
Kathy says:

I have two cats who are covered with Petplan. For everyone asking in this forum about what they cover, how they work, etc. please go to the website, it's very clear and informative. I have submitted several small claims and had nothing but the best of service. However, if I went 10 years with no claims I would still be happily paying as the peace of mind is well worth the cost. I know if something big were to happen, I wouldn't have to chose between food on the table and the pets I love so much. Thank you Petplan for providing a wonderful service. 
Barbara Clifford Ciliberto says:

I agree, a Pet Plan rep. should monitor these posted questions & clarify confused questions/responses -- looks like people posting are chasing their tales !!  
mitzie says:

my puppy is starting to ich a lot, no fleas they pay for allergy testing? 
Jan Thompson says:

My baby, Libby, had to have bladder stone surgery almost a year ago. Xray showed multiple stones with one totally blocking the opening. After her vet opened her up he found her bladder to be necrotic and he removed 22 stones of various sizes. He honestly did not expect her to make it. He had never seen a bladder in such bad shape. She is a miracle! She will be on prescription food & treats the rest of her life but, she's worth it! We did not have insurance. The bill was a little over $1,000. She stayed for 2 nights. I have her stones in a pill bottle, except the largest one which had to be sent to the lab. Oh, Libby is a Bichon-poodle mix, about 12 pounds. 
chezcheril says:

Do bladder stones count as existing condition? or Curable existing condition? Our dog had stones removed a few years ago (we think due to high protein dog food) and has been fine ever since. 
Martha says:

We do rescue (not part of a shelter or non-profit because we don't do enough) and end up adopting the cats no one else wants. Right now we have 10 cats. We wish so much we could afford pet insurance for all of them, but if we got it, the bill is close to $2500 a year with Pet Plan, even though it was the Bronze Plan with deductibles. Also, one of our cats is FIV+ and I had PetPlan do an underwriting to see what would be excluded from coverage, and just about anything that is not an injury is excluded. So, we cannot cover most of our cats with insurance. One of our cats, who died last year, and who was rescued from the street, had renal failure and we did subcutaneous fluids for 4 years and she had to be hospitalized twice. We had no insurance for that. So, now we are giving our two oldest cats (they are about 9 years old now) PetPlan coverage. That's all we can manage to afford. (We had a dog whom we took from a sanctuary and he had pre-existing illness so we never covered him, either. He is now deceased. We got him at age 3 and a half.) If we had only 2 cats, we would give them the top level of insurance, but we can only afford Bronze. 
Victoria Taylor says:

This is dumb..we have questions but no answers. it would be nice if actual workers of this plan came on to answer them. instead of me reading alot of questions from people and then seeing no one answer them..:(..not a very informative forum. 
Ed says:

What on earth are all of you people talking about? None of you are making any sense! This is an insurance just like most of your health insurance's that you would buy for yourself. Some are good, some are bad. Depends on what "YOU" like. I myself think, what I think. 
Cattle Dog says:

I see that urinary tract crystals and stones are excluded from coverage on the FAQ page as incurable conditions. Maybe someone could clarify? 
Michael says:

I am the person who created this review and I can address some questions: We have had 2 bouts of bladder stones. Both of which, Petplan covered. They do not cover preexisiting conditions, but they do cover repeat issues. The surgeries were roughly $1250. We have a $200 deductible, and then we pay 20% and they pay 80%. So, in this scenario, we were reimbursed about $920. We pay our insurance quarterly - and it boils down to about $20 per month. So, it's almost 4 years worth of premiums, to equal the amount of money reimbursed. So far, we have had 2 bladder stone surgeries covered and we have a new submission this week as well. Our dog is 5. They have covered far more than our premiums. It's no scam. I hope you never have to use it, but it is great when you need it. 
Mary says:

Here are some answers. You could just read the information if you wanted to from this website. All health insurance has a preexisting clause. It just makes sense. If not, everyone would wait until they needed the insurance, pick it up, get their bills paid and cancel it until they needed it again. It wouldn't be fair to us who pay health insurance for years. There are a couple of policies to choose from, with different deductibles, or no deductible, different coinsurance or no coinsurance. Prices vary depending on age and breed of dog. Only illness or injuries are covered. Routine care is check-ups or immunizations. This keeps the cost low. I have the bronze plan with a $200 deductible, per year, 90%payment, up to $8000 a year. I have submitted claims and they all got paid with no problems. I pay less then $300ea a year and consider it a bargain. PetPlan has paid for office consultations, lab work, x-rays, an MRI and medications. My dog will require surgery soon and that is covered also. You get what you pay for from an honest company! 
joyce hathaway says:

I would like to know if you have paper work that you can send me so that read?  
Figgy says:

I recently had surgery on my Lab-Mix for kidney stones. With xrays, boarding for several nights, medications, and surgery it was $1004.00. (She had to board several nights before the surgery because she was not eating or drinking...that was before she was diagnosed.) My goldendoodle had ACL surgery on her leg and it was $1200. So I can't see any surgery anywhere near $6000 for those types of invasive surgeries.  
Niki says:

I smell a rip off. They likely pay a fraction of what these bills are. In the mean time, what are the premiums and do they have exclusion for pre-existing conditions or repeat episodes such as bladder stones ?  
Rachel L. says:

I am seeing a lot of questions but no answers... 
Rachel L. says:

I am seeing a lot of questions but no answers... 
Lainey says:

Was this treatment considered a "specialist" vet visit? Meaning, was it reimbursed at 80%, even if you're paying for 100% reimbursement. This is the only thing about the plan that worries me. I like the option for 100%, but then if it's considered a "specialist treatment" (among other things, like "after hours.."), then it's only reimbursed at 80%. I think they should define "specialist" more clearly in the plan details. 
Gaby says:

does this insurance cover skin allergies and vet check ups? 
Alarice King says:

Was wondering if there was a special type of insurance for and Engish bulldog. I have a new puppy in my home and was looking into getting some insurance for her. She about 11wks old in good health now, but might need some special care later on. What can you tell me about the insurance, and what you would think is good for my dog. Alarice King 
billie jo says:

I got question does the petplan also help with a liver problem?  
Paul says:

Alice, It would cost anywhere from 1700-4000, depending on the vet 
Alice Curran says:

For a dog to have exrays and an operation to remove the stones, would it not cost over $6,000? How much did he actually pay the Vet and Insurance during this time. 

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