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Customer Review for Petplan USA

10/10   Millie is fine now
I was rushing to leave the house early on a Saturday morning and stopped short when I saw the empty bottle of meloxicam that had been filled for my other dogs just the day before. The top was chewed off, the bottle chewed up and no pills in sight. Millie was nearby and that was her MO so I knew it was her. I got her into my car as fast as possible and rushed her to the emergency vet where they took her back immediately to induce vomiting and start her on iv fluids. They told me that she might have sustained fatal kidney or stomach damage. I was distraught. Millie remained at the emergency hospital until Monday morning and then spent another day at the regular vet's office. She came through with no damage, thank goodness. The vet bills were enormous and Pet Plan did not even blink when I submitted the claim. I received all reimbursements timely and with none of the hemming and hawing that I have come to expect from my own personal insurance company. Thank you Pet Plan. You are the BEST!!!
Company: Petplan USA   Injury/Illness: NSAID poisoning   Breed: Mixed Breed
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Kayb Cross, 7/7/2011
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Carok ann Mazzella says:

the pet plan has been there for me when my dog had to go to the e.r also for eating her bottle of pain meds. also had surgery. everyone has been so nice when i call in with any questions. you just never know with an animal. my dog is only 2.glad i have the insurance. thank you Pet Plan 
Cora Zawrotny says:

It seems like many people who had this insurance had bn unhappy. I was actually considering getting insurance for our dog that was rescued from the animal center. 
Shirley says:

Why don't you give answers to the questions, people ask you? How do we know if we want to get your insurance?  
Joe S. says:

Not sure what to say yet. However I have been denied claims claiming pre-existing conditions. Working on resolving will to comment again later. ? 
Lonnie m says:

My Yorkie needs back surgery. Will pet plan help withe the total cost of this surgery? 
Teresa says:

Daniel Rucker, file a claim in small claims court. 
Rita Cox says:

Are allergy treatments covered under the petplan? 
Daniel Rucker says:

This was the WORST Experience I have had in my LIFE, Denied 5 Claims even death benefits on my 7 month old Great Dane Puppy who lost a bout with Pneumonia. Stating pre-existing.........How the Heck is Pneumonia a pre-existing cause of DEATH? He was NEVER treated for it before. PatPlan is a scam I would NEVER get pet insurance through them AGAIN. 
Casey says:

Tracey, Yes!! I just found out today that my premiums for my 3 dogs have gone up $30 per dog this year! That is obsence. I am going to cancel.  
Stacey O'Brian says:

I wud like to no why do u post questions and then no answers?!! Does the rate u start with go up year to year ......or......wthh dogs age? And wud insurance cover an elective surgery to save 2nd eye site when other had already been lost to glaucoma? 
Mary Ann Pagano says:

I want to know if there is any limit to what the pet insurance covers? Also, do they cover for medications that your pet needs? 
Tracey says:

I would like to know if anyone else has had premium increases that seemed out of whack 
Deborah Chapmn says:

I would like to know after a year do you go up on the policy for instance I was paying 450.00 now it is time for renewal and the cost will be an increase 611.00 

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