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Petplan Canada

2100 Scotia Plaza
40 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5H 3C2
phone: (866) 467-3875

Petplan, the world's largest pet insurance provider, recently started offering coverage in Canada. Petplan policies include full coverage for all hereditary conditions with no dollar or time limits per condition.
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Count 22 530 3090
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Reviews of PetPlan Canada

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10/10   They will be there when you need them ., 7/26/2016

Reviewed By: Leo Bouthot , Recommend: Y

My beloved Boxer Cassius passed away last July 15th from cancer. I just wanted to say that PetPlan stood with me side by side throughout the entire ordeal. Cassius had to undergo treatments every week and the average cost of each treatment was over 500 dollars. I would fax them the billed invoice on a Friday, they acknowledged receipt of invoice on a Monday. The invoice would be approved by Wednesday and a check would be issued on Thursday. My other Boxer Duke is insured by PetPlan and I honestly wouldn't even consider another company to insure my baby...
The claims are easy to complete and submit and their Customer Care is absolutely incredible. There all pet parents so they get it......
Please consider this company to insure your babies...... They were there for us and I will always be grateful.
Injury/Illness: cancer   Breed: Boxer
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
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10/10   Fantastic customer service! , 7/25/2016

Reviewed By: Erin Pattets, Recommend: Y

Every person I've spoken with is friendly and sympathetic. Claims process very straight forward.
Thanks, Petplan!
Injury/Illness: Diabetes   Breed: Russian Blue
Claim Amount: $500 - $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
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10/10   Dental Issues, 7/25/2016

Reviewed By: Marsha, Recommend: Y

This was the third time I've had to submit a claim to PetPlan for Rusty. First was Irritible Bowel, second was luxating patella, and this last was fixing 3 canines that he had ground down and having one tooth pulled. Each time, my experience with PetPlan was extremely better than dealing with my own health insurance company. Reimbursements were received within about 2 weeks, with no aggravation. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for pet insurance.
Injury/Illness: dental   Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
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10/10   Pleasantly Surprised, 7/25/2016

Reviewed By: Hillary, Recommend: Y

I just received a large check ($600+) back on Mia's last vet visit where XRays and tests were needed. I was sure I was going to be in for a fight, but to my surprise, the process with PetPlan was easy and there was no fight or hassle. I had no problem submitting the claim and shortly after, received my check.

I also had to contact PetPlan on another matter and the Rep was really helpful and pleasant to work with.

Definitely will recommend PetPlan to my friend who is getting a puppy next week.
Injury/Illness: not sure   Breed: Mixed Breed dog
Claim Amount: $500 - $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
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10/10   Petplan makes the claim process quick & painless, 7/22/2016

Reviewed By: Cat Parker, Recommend: Y

Being new to pet insurance, I was worried it would be a murky endless maze of paperwork and hoop jumping. Imagine my surprise, Melissa D. virtually held my hand, walked me thru the needed paperwork and communication was fantastic. Best of all, my claim was processed with amazing expediency (2 weeks from my frenchie's surgery)
Injury/Illness: cervical vertebrae surgery   Breed: French Bulldog
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
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Most Helpful Reviews

10/10   Delivered as promised, easy, fast, polite,
$3,800 reimbursement paid in just 2 weeks from our claim submission, on a $250 Silver plan ($200 deductible), for ACL surgery (TTA) on our dog's second hind knee, which some/many (most?) other pet insurance plans won't cover if the other leg has been previously repaired. 'Nuff said? Actually, it's not, here's more: - Very helpful customer service when I called in last fall to inquire and… read more

Reviewed By: Keith Laepple, parent of a Mixed Breed
9/10   Go Pet Plan is good dog far,
September 2009 I submitted a claim for my 9 month old dog who was attacked by another dog. After submitting the claim it took them 2 wks. to add it to their system (a little slow if you ask me.) I had to call them and move it along. Their call system is decent. I had to call again and there was a delay but ultimately they paid the $550 bill. I only had a $50 deductible. I sent in another claim this month… read more

Reviewed By: Magda T., parent of a Chihuahua
8/10   Who knew our puppy would turn out to be so ill?,
Who knew that our rescue puppy "Libby" (who is so precious to us) would turn out to be such an ill little thing? In the 18 months she has blessed this earth so far, she has had Demadectic Mange, Pneumonia (twice), and recently Pancreatitus. Iíve had Petplan Insurance for about 10 years when I lived in the UK, for my dogs and it was invaluable, really! In fact itís the only insurance I use on a regular… read more

Reviewed By: Clair - A Loyal Petplan Customer
8/10   CCL surgery for our 1 1/2 year old dog,
Willie is a 2 year old lab/boxer mix. When he turned a year old, I decided to get insurance for him because I figured he would hurt himself running/chasing/and playing with other dogs since he doesn't seem to care much for his well being. PetPlan had pretty good rates for him, so I chose them. 6 months later, he tore his CCL while catching a frisbee. I was worried that PetPlan would not cover this injury… read more

Reviewed By: Rachel
10/10   Fabulous Customer Service!!!,
I can't recommend PetPlan USA enough! I am a first-time dog owner of an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Before we purchased Brooklyn, I did a lot of research on insurance companies as I had read that with toy breeds there can be congenital defects. My husband thought I was crazy to spend money on pet insurance. Well, as luck would have it, within less than a year, I was told by my vet that… read more

Reviewed By: Heidi Eckard

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