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Customer Reviews for Banfield

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1/10   Beware
Be sure you are clear on the agreement before signing up. My cat died 3 months after the wellness plan monthly payments began & I could not transfer the plan to another pet plus I had to complete a full year of payments. Injections were given out of sight/on my 2nd & last visit I requested that services be rendered in my presence/I wanted to know where injections were given & by whom. Staff spoke so rapidly during follow up calls that I could not understand them or recognize the language they were speaking in/the computer screen in the exam room indicated the length of visit minute by minute/the operation seems to be entirely profit driven.
Injury/Illness: prevention plan   Breed: Tabby
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Pat Wood, 8/13/2015
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1/10   What's the point?
You pay over 30 bucks a month so that when your dog does get sick they can charge hundreds of dollars for their medicine. You HAVE to get the meds from them, they won't write a script. If you feel like you're saving money on shots and teeth cleanings, are you really? I only pay 30 bucks for her boosters/vaccines. I feel like this plan is a rip off. Research a local vets visit pricing and do it that way. Your dog is not goning to need to see the vet every month. 30 bucks goes right out the window! I want to cancel.
Injury/Illness: not sure   Breed: Mixed Breed
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Sam b., 7/26/2015
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10/10   Great Preventative and health care!
The Banfield wellness plan is not an insurance plan! Banfield presents there plan as a wellness and prevention plan and that's what it is. My dog gets all of her shots, doctors visits, a teeth cleaning, and early testing. If you want insurance get insurance, if you want a plan to keep your dog healthy this is the plan.I save so much money on prevention and wellness! If she breaks her leg or has a problem I would go to a local vet, but for keeping her basic health and preventative medicine I go Banfield all the way! Also, they spay/neuter your dog with the wellness plan within a certain plan.
Injury/Illness: Preventative plan   Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Claim Amount: $500 - $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Angel, 7/15/2015
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1/10   Poor service
I have been charged on multiple occasions for unnecessary treatment. Banfields fees even with the optimum plan discount are three times higher then competitors! Do the research call other vets and get their prices before purchasing any wellness plan!
Injury/Illness: not sure   Breed: Mixed Breed
Claim Amount: under $100   Age of Pet: over 8 years
Gina, 7/9/2015
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3/10   Insurance Plan Rip-off
This is not insurance. If your animal has any diagnosis beyond wellness, you will need to go to your nearest animal emergency clinic for treatment. The Banfield Veterinarians are not seasoned clinicians.
Injury/Illness: cancer   Breed: Mixed Breed
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
Olivia, 7/8/2015
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1/10   Just Don't Do It...
This plan is misleading and deceptive. Although I had my dog on this plan for over 4-years (because I did like the vet), I wish I would have gone with my instinct and recommendations from friends not to continue with this plan. My plan was renewed in May of 2015. My dog had to be put down last week. Although I only used $120.00 worth of services, I was told I have to pay the remaining $283.00 for the year. Not one penny was covered to have my dog put down. So to add insult to injury, I will have to pay the remaining amount to cancel. That is simply a rip-off. My recommendation is DO NOT USE BANFIELD.
Injury/Illness: passed away due to age related illnesses   Breed: Golden Retriever
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: over 8 years
Unhappy Customer, 7/7/2015
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I have two dogs, I put them on the Active Wellness Plan for the simple fact that it includes a teeth cleaning and I could make payments, instead of paying a regular vet up-front and out-of-pocket for a dental prophylaxis. It wasn't worth it. One of my dogs was turned away during pre-anesthetic bloodwork, which was supposed to be included in the plan, but Banfield claims if they don't clean the dogs teeth, you have to pay for the bloodwork out of pocket ($160). I was told that pre-anesthetic bloodwork is a packaged deal and they won't cover one without the other, even though I'm paying nearly $100/month for a plan in which it's supposed to be included! Every time I bring either one of my dogs in for an office visit I'm always being charged for something ridiculous or extra that's not included in my plan. My dogs are only 3 years old! I take good care of them; this is inflation of the for-profit kind! BE CAREFUL: YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THINGS THAT AREN'T COVERED IN YOUR PLAN IF YOU DO NOT MAKE A POINT OF ASKING THE VET IF IT IS A SERVICE COVERED IN YOUR PLAN!!!! What's the point of having a plan? I could save more money by not having a plan and just taking my dogs in to see a vet only when they need to see a vet. Banfield sells to unsuspecting people under the guise of "preventative" wellness, but think about it--it's not pet insurance, hardly anything is covered except vaccines and apparently I'm only allowed ONE complete bloodwork, per year for each pet and once it's done, guess what happens? That's right... if you need bloodwork of any kind, even to test for one thing, you have to pay for it out-of-pocket! Charges:$36/month per pet for a minimum of 12 months+a $50 activation fee per pet. My first visit was $200 out-of-pocket! I just want to caution people that it's cheaper in the long run to just use a regular vets office and set-up a payment plan with them. It's cheaper and you'll get better quality service (of my two dogs who got their teeth cleaned, the vet didn't apparently clean ALL of her teeth as I found a couple of tartar specs when I got her home). I'm now stuck in a contract until the 12 months are up (because if I cancel they'll charge me for everything or the total amount of an annual plan for each pet), I have buyer's remorse and should've listened to my instincts to run far away, but I didn't. My need to get my dog's teeth clean led me to make the worst choice possible. Don't be like me, don't get stuck in one of the
Injury/Illness: Teeth   Breed: Shih Tzu
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Kim, 7/5/2015
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10/10   the vet that I have she is very good with my Dog
Thanks to her I rescue my dog she was in her bones when I took her in and Immediately I obtain the Insurance since then the Vet have been help me a lot with her meds and right now we found out a lump on her right shoulder is little and she immediately told me is benign but it has to be remove when you have the money that it is 300.00 dollars that right now I dont have right now I am paying for her insurance and my family Insurance and the copayment for my and my family meds but by the end of the month we will have the money for the surgery. she already have teeth check and they are perfect and her weight and coat are awesome she is my therapy dog and the banfield clinic that I go to is located at pembroke pines and I lived in Pompano Beach why so far because my dog know her vet the people there and they treat her with respect and will recommend this location with my eyes closed the personal are very awesome and humble and they treat the pets like they are there own and us with respect. and next week my husband will get me a kitty cat and we will have her in the insurance to. So I recommend this Company 100%.
Injury/Illness: a lump but is benign   Breed: Pit Bull
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: under a year
Kathy C, 6/23/2015
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