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Customer Reviews for Banfield

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2/10   Don't do it !!!
Unless you have a pet that needs to see a vet several times each month, this will not be pleasant or a good deal for you. It also will, most likely, not be good for your pet. These places start out by doing a ridiculous amount of lab work before they "accept"your pet. Then the free lab work that is included becomes so expensive that you might as well stay a member for the rest of the year, when you try to quit and they tell you how much you will owe if you stop paying. So you are stuck with poor service and high added charges for things that aren't included. Oh, and just try to get an appointment after you have joined......good luck.
Injury/Illness: Needle biopsy   Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Gerry Fielding, 8/31/2016
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2/10   Rip Off
This is a financial rip off. Once you received any services, you can not cancel until the year is over or you play over exorbitant rates on any services that were done. 3 years of payments at $32 per month for a well little mix breed. Six months after a check up this years, I am told I will have to pay $422 for the 20 minutes office time if I want to cancel. Also will not allow for transfer to another owner if you have gotten rid of the pet. You would be far better off to pay cash as you go. The staff at the facilities were all great but call in to cancel was on hold for 52 minutes and told 5 different ways, "We can't help you" but I could change details/payment is I wanted to not tell them about it on the web page. Will have to wait 6 months to discontinue payments on a dog I no longer own.
Injury/Illness: Healthy dog   Breed: Mixed Breed
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Dannette Wygal, 8/24/2016
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The vet was fine but the wellness plan and all the customer service that went with it was atrocious. When I found out the plan was going to auto renew I called customer service. They put me on hold for 25 min and then was hung up on before getting a person. I then called a different dept only to be told they couldn't help me and I should call the cancellation department at an hour that would be more convenient for them. At this time I still haven't been able to reach someone to cancel the auto renew.
Injury/Illness: general checkups and shots   Breed: Siberian Husky
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Sara, 7/20/2016
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10/10   Only good experiences
I chose a banfield plan for one reason only. I never had to worry about paying a exam/office fee as long as I had the plan. Sure, it's nice to have my vaccines covered, but I don't vaccinate each year. It's also nice to have bloodwork covered as I have older pets. What people don't understand is this is NOT insurance. It's a wellness plan. I knew that from day one. I knew xrays, urinalysis, ultrasounds, extra blood work, medication was not going to be covered. Sure, I get a small discount, but that's it. I also have pet insurance. So my illness claims are covered by the pet insurance and if I have a high cost claim, my insurance covers it. If I have any concern at all, I always have peace of mind knowing I can just bring my dog in to be checked out and I won't have to pay an office visit/exam fee. Wellness is for wellness...not for illness or accident. It's to help support you for your annual/twice a year exam and vaccines. Every pet should be seen at least once a year and the wellness plan encourages it. So many people seem pissed off. Oh and another thing...when you sign up for a monthly plan, you should be told that if you use all of the services of your plan and then you want to cancel, you will owe the value of that plan and probably not get a refund. If you get all your vaccines and blood work on Day one...then decide six months later to cancel, well you spend the value of the plan on day one. Why would they refund you? Hopefully that makes sense to people. I think folks need to do a better job of understanding what they are signing up for and perhaps Banfield employees need to do a better job of explaining what it does NOT cover.
Injury/Illness: Addisons disease   Breed: Beagle
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Sarah Yates, 7/7/2016
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1/10   Horrified by Banfield incompetence
I was able to get part of my experience on camera. Watch Banfield vets bill-padding/fraudulently invoicing and complete incompetence here: In 2010 I became a new pet owner to an adorable puppy. I found the closest vet to get her vaccines and unfortunately it was a Banfield. They talked me into purchasing a Wellness plan as “the only sure way” to keep my pup healthy and assuring me the free services that come with the plan would be performed. They offer convenient drop-off options for appointments and I trusted my dog was being treated ethically, or being treated at all. I paid for every recommended service above the cost of the plan, again trusting they were actually performing these services. They called us in for a “necessary” appointment near the end of our plan and after arriving, said they couldn't provide the procedures unless we renewed our plan. They did this every year, saying she wouldn't remain healthy if I didn't upgrade to more expensive plans that covered additional services. (I'd never owned a pet before. I didn't know what advantage they were taking of me.) I would always pay to have her nails clipped. But when I picked her up at least 75% of the time her nails were not clipped even though they charged me for the service. “We don’t always see the form when she’s back there.” Banfield associates would say when asked, then take her back and clip her nails. In retrospect this should have been a HUGE warning sign. As you’ll see in the video, it’s not just extra services they’re invoicing and claiming as completed, it’s real diagnostic tests that are included with the plan and necessary in assessing your animals health that they’re not performing. For me it wasn’t until my dog became deathly ill that I became suspicious of the actual treatment we were getting at Banfield Pet Hospital. I took her in for stomach issues several times over the course of several years. They claimed to have performed tests, said there was nothing wrong and gave me a prescription for Petsmart food which I fed her exclusively. It was extremely expensive but my dogs health was priceless. Eventually it turned into an emergency situation when she began having bloody diarrhea– which they treated with even more expensive prescription food. I took her to 3 different Banfield hospital locations hoping to get a more competent vet as my poor baby became more and more sick. No such luck. Finally she stopped eating entirely, became severely dehydrated and
Injury/Illness: gastritis/vomiting   Breed: Mixed Breed
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Beth Eckel, 7/6/2016
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2/10   Thanks for sharing
OMG.... Reading all these reviews make me realized how awful is this Bandfield. And seeing my JRT (jack Russell Terrier is always terrified to go there plus I end out paying always some kind of money.I just call to cancel it, but i have a remaining balance for the year of $ 190.00 so i guess i will wait not use any service paid off that and BYE BYE Bandfielld FOR EVER...
Injury/Illness: not sure   Breed: Mixed Breed
Claim Amount: under $100   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Linda Valdivia, 6/23/2016
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